Thursday, 3 April 2014

This Is The Prostitute Born With Both Male And Female Sexual Organs

Claudette is a husband, a grandfather and an award-winning cyclist. She is also an hermaphrodite sex worker, who says she would rather sell her body for money than her soul.

 Married for 52 years to the love of her life called Andree, Claudette has 3 children from the marriage. Born with both male and female genitalia, Claudette says her parents assigned her a male at her birth in 1937 in Switzerland because being male was clear advantage at that time. “I never felt bad about being hermaphrodite, it’s the others who have a problem with it; not me,” Claudette says. “…I have always felt like a girl and I lived my life accordingly.
 I have the sex of the angels, why would I be ashamed of it?” On how the gender she plays when she goes to prostitute, Caludette explains, ”Prostitution becomes a source of self confidence.” “for people who see in prostitutes the ultimate femininity and who assume this role with happiness and a sense of relief, ” she says.

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