Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Crazy World:Men Caught Making Love To Statues

Two men  HAVE been spotted French kissing and fondling the life-sized statues of female shoppers on Chengdu's main shopping street, Chunxi Lu in  China.

 The odd behavior prompted onlookers to stop and gather around. Many pulled out cameras to take photos. Some expressed shock and dismay at the public display of affection. However they didn't get busted by the recently introduced Segway police patrol.
 One of the Kisser's, identified as Mr. Liu, is in his 30s and has been caught on camera several times kissing the statues passionately. He told reporters he would normally spend about 10 minutes for one make-out session and by all indicators does this for his own amusement. Photos of this strange romance quickly spread around the Chinese Internet and made national news.

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