Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Man Jumps After Seeing Online Girlfriend's True Face

A Filipino guy reportedly jumped from the sixth floor of a mall in Batangas City, in the Philippines. A witness said that she overheard the conversation between the man and the girl he was talking to.

She said that she heard things such as “Is that really you? How can that girl be you?! You have dark skin! You deceived me for six years!”Apparently, this man met up with the girl he dated from social media, and the girl’s real face was far from what he had expected.
 The girl he was conversing with stated, “He said that I looked nothing like the pictures I posted online. I also did not know that my looks are that important to him. I thought that he would accept me even without my Instagram filters.” The man was declared dead on the spot and the mall stopped operating because of the incident.

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