Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Woman Rubs Chillies Into Schoolgirl's Privates

Aspiring doctor Rahma Sultana, of Sunderland, UK, who rubbed chilli into a schoolgirl's eyes and private parts has been jailed. Sultana waged a campaign of violent abuse against two children that has left them scarred for life, Newcastle Crown Court has heard.

 The older of the two girls, who exposed Sultana when she told a staff member at her school, was burnt with hair straighteners, bitten on the hand, hit with a glass bottle, as well as having chilli powder rubbed into her eyes and a fresh chilli held against her privates. 
The other girl was punched, burnt, and stabbed with a pen. Judge Simon Hickey, sentenced Sultana to two-and-a-half years in prison, branding the 35-year-old a 'manipulative, devious woman'. 'Those children were called, effectively, liars and that they had fabricated their accounts when quite the reverse was true,' he said. 'It was you who was the liar.'
The court heard how Sultana, who hoped one day to qualify as a doctor, 'wailed and prayed' after being confronted by officials. She said she believed her actions were 'discipline' from which the girls would 'benefit academically'.

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