Monday, 31 March 2014

'Nigerians Will Kill Me If Am Deported Back ' - Lesbian Cries Out

A 46 year old Nigerian lesbian asylum seeker in the UK, Adejumoke Apata, says she risks a death sentence if she is deported to Nigeria.

 Ms Apata says she fled Nigeria in 2004 and claims that her girlfriend who refused to go with her, was brutally murdered by vigilantes in 2012.
 Before she left Nigeria, Adejumoke said she was subjected to homophobic torture, persecution and a brutal arrest after she was exposed as a gay woman. She claims she was also sentenced to death by stoning for being a lesbian. Adejumoke, who is facing deportation, doesn’t want to be deported and has started a campaign aimed at persuading people to sign a petition against her deportation.
 “Returning to Nigeria is not an option for me, because as well as a death sentence hanging over me, I will face 14 years in prison due to the anti-gay law that was passed by the Nigerian Government in January 2014.
 I want to remain in the UK in order to contribute positively to the society and support my girlfriend, who I am now engaged to,” Adejumoke said in a YouTube video.

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