Thursday, 27 March 2014

How I Ended Up Having SEx With My Mum

Dear Readers,
 I think this is a very disgusting and tragic story, but the truth is that just like other stories it is also true and real. Could never have imagined such a thing like this 5 years ago, but 2014 makes it the 5th year of my s*xual relationship with the woman who gave birth to me.

 My mom (Anne) was a very great woman to me and always cared about me when I was a baby. Being the only son, she has much time for me and we spent much time together as my Dad was always busy. My sisters all got married and moved on, so it was just me, my Mom and my Dad.. a lovely family.. watched sports together especially wrestling which my dad enjoys a lot and also watched movies together. I did most of the girls’ chores since my sisters are not in the house anymore. So I always spent time with my mom in the kitchen cooking and stuffs like that.
 We started bonding together, like going out for movies and stuff like that. It was fun and I enjoyed it. But as time went on I realized that I had no girlfriend {19 years old} and also a virgin. I also realized that I have started to s*xually admire my mom as she gave me so much access to her room and I can pretty much see everything about her room which is normally not supposed to.
 Maybe I was crazy, but I did not know soon I will have to find out. So it started this Friday evening, my dad was out for a weekend business trip. We had just finished dinner and watching movie. Like normal I had my mom’s head on my shoulder. I am 6ft and my mom is 5ft 6.. she weighed 49kg while I weighed 60kg because I am toned with big body (not fat).. actually hotter than all guys reading this, maybe that is where all these started I must guess.
 So during the movie I started to really get hot and hot so I was like caressing her and she kept calm about that, so I felt more confident but I was also thinking maybe is because I was caressing her shoulder.. so I started moving down slowly and slowly.. by this time I was near her panties and when I moved my hand inside her panty she shouted at me and gave me a slap.
But I explained and she pardoned.. then I asked her to come lets continue watching movie and she came back. I guess she probably wanted it tho.. She was dressed on her silky night ware, So when the movie stopped I was like begging her and hugging her, then I lay back on the sofa and had her lay on me while I hugged her. I placed my hands on her ass like sort of hugging her.
 Her night wear was really short and she wore a silky under-pant. My Manh**d was hard as you could ever imagine… so by now I have decided is gonna be now and i turned her over quickly and with the same speed I brought out my v*rgin c*ck at the age of 19. She struggled but before she could do anything I had my c*ck in her.. she kept struggling but while I pounded her for about 2 minutes she was not struggling but moaning. She cried.. I felt really sad and wished the world could swallow me.. but the truth is we ended up having s*x 5 more times that night.
 After that day, the rest is history. i have been having active s*xual relationship with my mom till date. I am really sick of this and I wanna know how can I stop this. Now it’s not me who wants it anymore is her. She keeps complaining of how my dad ignored her and things like that but I just want to stop.
Please Help Me.

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