Monday, 31 March 2014

I Love The Attention My Hips Gives Me- Shine Begho

The svelte and sexy-eyed Delta State-born on-air-personality started as a TV presenter and then found radio which caught her fancy.
 Shine opens up on how she handles attention from the opposite sex, her unforgettable moment as an OAP and the part of her body she considers the sexiest. Broadcasting for me began way back in 2007. I started as a TV presenter and in 2008 I found radio and I just couldn’t leave it. I used to have a permanent TV job and radio was on the side.

For me, the media has always been my thing, my passion since I was a kid. The challenge is that you always have to be on point. It’s really not easy to keep the listeners interested in what you are saying. Why should they listen to you? It’s really not easy because it has no visuals, they cannot see you, nor see what the person is talking about.
 It’s really not easy, and don’t forget there are so many radio stations and people can just tune in to any one that suits them. Secondly, people don’t know you facially ,they just know the voice. Most times when you say your name they recognize you. Radio on-air-personalities don’t get branded, no endorsements and it is really bad. If you want to compare it to the outside world, like America, OAPs get brand endorsements .So we need that. Male attention? Usually I have this way I handle it, especially if the guy is very persistent. I know how to turn them into ordinary friends.
I don’t know how I get it done, but I just do it. Maybe, it’s because I have been doing it since I was in the university. I can remember back in school, guys asking me out and not being interested in them. You know, we keep on chatting and doing stuffs but at the end of the day, they ended up forgetting about having me to go out with them. It’s the same thing here and now. I try as much as possible to make the person a friend, but if the person is too persistent, then I just ignore the person totally. Also, do not forget I am in a relationship too and I don’t want anybody to come and spoil things for me. There are different nervous moments for a lot of different people. On this job, a lot of people always say they had butterflies the first time, like, they were really scared of looking at the mic.
 I never had any of those experiences and that’s the truth. That was EKO FM then. I just turned on the mic and started flowing with the other presenters because I was co-hosting and people loved it. I felt encouraged, maybe it’s because I had already had TV experience . My hips are the sexiest part of my body, you know, ‘hips don’t lie’. I have had cute hips since I was a kid and I love it. I love the attention it gives me and people saying “Oh my God, you are hot”.
You know it’s not easy to have a Coca-Cola bottle shape, that was what I was called when I was a kid. Now they call me ‘hips don’t lie’. A colleague of mine usually says this:”Shine, the pride of Delta, have you seen those hips?” It makes me laugh but that’s true.
I love my hips so much I pray that my daughter will have my kind of hips. I started noticing it when I was done with high school and I started taking care of myself wearing things that make me stand out.

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